How to install Python

Open official website and download latest version of Python 3.5 or later. When the package is downloaded, double click on installer, follow the given instructions and you are done. Once the Python is installed, go to your programs file and open Python IDLE. 


Type your first command print(“Hello world”)….. congratulation you have successfully installed Python.

How to Create a Python application file

IDLE is basically a shell command where you can experiments all python functions which is a nice playground but to write a complete programming tasks, you must write your code in python file and execute it in IDLE shell. The extension of Python file is .py so lets create our first python file.

In IDLE shell menu open file -> new file, for Windows OS press CTRL + N and for Mac OS press CMD + N. A simple text file will open on your screen, Write a same print function in your file and save this file with name. Once the file is savedCapture press F5 to execute it. Congratulation you have successfully created and executed a python file. Now you are ready to chew all Python tutorials.


Best IDE for Python development

For beginners, Python official IDLE is a best environment to work but once you are familiar with it, i would recommend you to give a try to a light weight version of PyCharm from Jet Brain. Its a complete, easy to use integrated development environment with built it shell command window in it.